Writing Fiction That Sells - Tauranga Arts Festival

Want to write fiction, but lack any knowledge of the whole writing and publishing process? No problem. To make your journey less painful, Catherine Robertson has offered to let you in on all the mistakes she made on her 5-year mission to get a book in print. Her most recent book is What You Wish For (2019).

You’ll learn about:

  • Novel structure
  • Characters and dialogue
  • Ways to keep the story moving
  • How to cast a steely eye over your work
  • How to take criticism without curling into a foetal position.

Catherine will also give you an overview of the worlds of traditional and self-publishing, here and overseas, and share tips for submitting to agents and editors. The workshop will include some quick, fun writing exercises, and plenty of time for questions.

Limited to 12 people.


Baycourt Community and Arts Centre, 38 Durham Street


27th October
9:30am - 3pm


$65 + Ticketek Service Fee.

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