The Pottery Studio

17 March 2022

Nestled at the top of Devonport Road is a hidden gem – The Pottery Studio. With a gallery of local ceramic artists work available for purchase, and a workshop space that has gained in popularity among aspiring potters, this is a creative’s dream.

The Pottery Studio has been open in Downtown Tauranga for 1 year now. Penny first opened the studio as a pop-up business under Activate Vacant Spaces which turned empty shops in the city centre into active and vibrant places. The Pottery Studio saw huge success with people flocking to try their hand at ceramic art. You didn’t need to have existing skills and there was no commitment to a long-term contract of classes. Events like “Wine and Clay” certainly piqued my interest. Just weeks after starting the pop-up, Penny decided to run The Pottery Studio as a full-time business and took on a permanent lease on Devonport Road.

It's worth noting that this all happened during a worldwide pandemic, when predicting sales and trends was near impossible. That didn’t stop Penny though. On the 16th of July 2021, she decided to open another studio in Hamilton…. just a month after New Zealand entered a lockdown. Only months later she then opened another Pottery Studio in Napier.

Penny took a leap of faith; she didn’t let fear or not knowing get in the way of her dream. I was inspired by her optimism, her drive, and her positivity. She is now planning to open another three studios across New Zealand!

We love stories like Penny’s, she has let nothing get in her way and she continues to provide a space for people to have a fun night out with friends being creative and having a good laugh.

So, if you want to give pottery a go and longing for a new creative outlet, check out The Pottery Studio next time you’re in Downtown Tauranga! They’re at 109 Devonport Road and Penny’s email is if you want to book a time!