Who's on the Street - Indelible

22 March 2022

Many people will know Heather as the friendly face of Indelible on Devonport Road…. But her journey didn’t start there.

Heather has been working in Downtown Tauranga for 35 years! She has loved working in retail ever since she left school at 15 years old and got her first job in a fruit shop. She opened House of Heather on 1st Ave 35 years ago selling “bigger boutique” to women and it amazed me to discover that 90% of what they sold was made by Heather and her team at House of Heather. She had her own cutter, pattern maker, machinists, factory, and retail shop. After 20 years Heather decided it was time to retire and in 2007, she sold up shop. But Heather wasn’t done yet. She loves being in the retail industry, living and breathing the city centre, and interacting with customers.

After working in two gift shops in the central city area, she decided to open Indelible and has never looked back. Originally selling small furniture, then branching into jewellery…. which Heather soon discovered was her core product - she really does have an amazing selection in store!

Stepping into Indelible, I love the friendly welcome Heather always gives me and other customers. She says locals love the mix of giftware, jewellery, accessories, and clothing she sells. The clothing is a hark back to her history and Heather says she wanted to represent some of the clothing brands that were lost with some city centre retail shops closing in recent years – Threadz, Gordon Smith, Orientique and Yarra Trail to name a few.

When I asked what has kept her in the business of retail in Downtown Tauranga since 1987, she replied, “I just love it. I want to stay here because even though it’s been challenging at times, I just know the vibrancy of our city centre is coming back and there’s no place I’d rather be. It’s exciting.”