What are you proud of in our city centre?

15 February 2019

What are you proud of in our city centre?

Are you proud of our innovation? Our opportunities? Our collaborative, innovative, creative community? What about the incredible, transformative developments currently underway? Maybe there are some special places, experiences, people or developments that make you feel proud to call our city centre yours?

As we traverse through massive, transformational change in our city centre, how we approach and perceive that change can and will make a difference. Whilst acknowledging the challenges and changes we, like any city centre, confront every day…we should also celebrate the milestones big and small.

We decided to ask the people who live, work, play and visit our city centre to tell us what makes them proud. What takes their day from good to great? This is their story. A story of celebration, unity and pride. An authentic, unique story of personal expressions celebrating our developing city centre.


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What does the Matthews family love most about visiting our city centre?

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Why does Watene Moon choose Tauranga city centre?

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