Wharf Street Upgrade

4 June 2020

Wharf Street Upgrade

Tauranga City Council are upgrading Wharf Street to create a safe and attractive, people-friendly space in the heart of the city centre for everyone to enjoy, and work is already underway!!

The upgrade will reflect Wharf Street’s role in connecting the city centre with the waterfront.

Wharf Street businesses are open for business during construction and includes a wide range of fantastic restaurants, bars and cafes. Take a look at which businesses are on Wharf Street HERE.

Construction will include upgrade and renewal of underground services such as sewer, water and stormwater. 

Why is Council upgrading Wharf Street?

Upgrading Wharf Street is part of Council’s ongoing efforts to create inviting and people-friendly spaces within the city centre – to encourage business support, strengthen community and enhance the city centre’s vibrancy.

Wharf Street has been trialled as a shared space since 2015, attracting visitors and residents and a number of additional hospitality offerings to the street. However, community and Council recognised the current cluttered and tired street appearance doesn’t provide the desired inviting and people-friendly space. In September 2019, Council approved the detailed design and the budget to commence the upgrade of Wharf Street. 

The upgrade will provide residents and visitors with an outdoor dining setting for the section of Wharf Street between Willow Street and The Strand with limited vehicle access only.

In 2017, key themes received from the community focused on outdoor dining, a place that is pedestrian-only, with limited vehicle access and that facilitates events.

We can't wait for the Wharf Street upgrade to be completed. With such fantastic dining and shopping options, this really will be a hub for people to enjoy a shared space for socialising in Downtown Tauranga.