Challenge Your Team at Waterworld!

18 January 2018

Challenge Your Team at Waterworld!

Waterworld isn't only for kids, why not get your team at work involved! We hear this is a great team building exercise...who will stay dry the longest?! Who can get through over the slides, swings and bouncy bits the fastest? There's one way to find out...

Waterworld is new to the Tauranga Waterfront and is attracting people of all ages. An adult "single splash" pass is $16. More details are on the Dialled Infoor Tramp Park Website.


Waterworld has added life to the Tauranga waterfront

On Friday last week, I walked past the Wings to Fly mural, over the railway line and waved to the cruise ship passengers as they got off the bus. I saw people lying in the sun with coffee from George Cafe, treated myself to a free ice-cream from Ben and Jerry's and sat next to Hairy Maclary while watching kids jump, slide and bounce on Waterworld. 

I felt proud to call Tauranga my home! I also had a whole new appreciation for the tidal's so fantastic to have the access to water, and to see people enjoying our beautiful waterfront on a sunny day.

It's exciting knowing there is much more on the horizon for Tauranga, with the student campus, Farmers redevelopment, Durham Street and Wharf Street revitalisation, Our Place on Willow Street, and more! The Waterfront is just one piece of the puzzle, and it's days like these that confirm just how amazing places and spaces are in making our place a home to be proud of.

Waterworld was bought to Tauranga by Dialled Indoor Tramp Park, and is open on the Waterfront until April 30th

Click here to see a video of Waterworld in action!