Vegan Eats

By Renata Drysdale 


Eating out as a vegan has its fair share of challenges, like figuring out which cafes and restaurants actually have vegan friendly options. Sometimes it takes a bit of investigative work!

I’ve worked in the city centre for more than five years now and pop into town on the weekends for lunch or dinner fairly regularly, so I’ve gotten to know the plant-based food options pretty darn well. Here’s a round-up of my favourite spots and meals that never disappoint.

1. The Nourished Eatery - 114 Willow Street

The Nourished Eatery is a fully plant-based café and is the perfect spot for a quick lunch and a sweet treat. My favourites are the Un-Chicken Sammy, and their Choc-Chunk Cookies which I can’t resist! They also have amazing gluten-free treats.

2. Mudan Tearoom and Eatery - 100 Grey Street

Mudan is a hidden gem serving outstanding homemade Korean food – great for both lunch and dinner. They have a separate vegetarian/vegan menu with lots of options, but my personal favourite is the tofu Bibimbap… In fact it is my favourite lunch in the city centre! They make all their tofu, noodles, dumplings and wontons in-house, which you can also purchase frozen to cook at home.

3. Falafel Metro - 1 Devonport Road, Red Square

I can’t even count how many times I’ve had Falafel Metro (a lot) and it is mouth-wateringly amazing every time. Originally from Israel, owners Daria & Tomer make almost everything in-house, including their dreamy, pillowy pitas. If you’re looking for a quick, nutritious and satisfying lunch, look no further. My go-to order is the Bombay made vegan (tahini instead of yogurt sauce).

4. Sugo - 19 Wharf Street

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, maybe for date night or a girl’s night out, then Sugo is the place for you. They offer a separate plant-based menu which, as a vegan, is always such a treat as we don’t often get that many choices! Every meal I’ve had here has been delicious, so you really can’t go wrong with your selection.

5. Clarence Bistro - 51 Willow Street

Clarence is the ultimate destination for a special occasion dinner. We usually save it for birthdays and anniversaries… it’s definitely a treat to look forward to! Although they don’t advertise it on their website, they will very happily do a completely plant-based version of their “Kitchen Experience” which is six courses of what can only be described as culinary magic! I guarantee there will be flavours that you have never experienced.