Unique rainy day activities

20 June 2017

Unique rainy day activities

Looking for something a little different to do on a rainy day?

Escape Masters 
This is a fantastic place to go to be entertained with your friends, family, work colleagues or even a first date (to break up the awkwardness). It’s a real life escape game where you have to crack codes and work together to escape different rooms. Escape Masters is an experience you won't forget!

Virtual Reality Experience (VRE)
Want to go to Venice for the day? Take a rocket ship to space? Or shoot zombies? Then make sure you go to VRE where almost anything is possible. Experience the wonders of the world where you really will feel like you're in a difference place, thanks to the magic of virtual reality.

A Sublime Mess - Art Exhibition
Stop by Macandmor in Goddards Shopping Centre for their newest art exhibition by the talented Maggie Bowcock. Maggie's unique mix of strange objects, plants, and creatures is a new twist on the ordinary.