The Redoubt Where everyone knows your name

28 November 2022

The Redoubt Where everyone knows your name

Jacob & Kelly were overseas on their OE when they got the call from Jacob’s parents to come home and take over the family business for a while, that business was The Redoubt in Te Awamutu. Fast forward a few years, Jacob’s parents were back at the helm and it was time for Jacob & Kelly to find their next adventure.

That adventure led them to open the Redoubt in Matamata in 2006. Thanks to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies this turned out to be a very clever business decision indeed. Some 13 years later in 2019, Morrinsville opened, which again was well received by the locals. Fast-forward to 2022 and Jacob & Kelly have made the leap over the Kaimai’s to open on The Strand in Tauranga.

Following  a 5-week renovation of the old Brooklyn Patio site, the doors to The Redoubt Tauranga were opened and they haven’t looked back since. By your third visit, their team should know your name and what you drink. Tauranga has its own specific menu, but all three venues have their famous crispy sticky chicken on offer, which just so happens to be their biggest seller at all three spots too. Their chef Jonny, who used to own Amphora on The Strand knows what the locals like with his ever-changing seasonal menu.

Jacob has become a little famous recently, all be accident, after advertising in Ireland for bar tenders to work in Tauranga. The Irish press caught hold of the story (have a read here) and the rest is history. After spending a ‘few great years’ in Clonakilty, Jacob is keen to emulate the Irish hospitality at his venues, and what better way to do that than with an Irish barman…or two!

Redoubt means place of refuge or safe haven so when you’re looking for good cheer, good food, and great beer, look no further than The Redoubt, 53 The Strand, Tauranga – they will soon know your order.