Tauranga Barbers Are Next Level!

31 October 2017

Tauranga Barbers Are Next Level!

Walking through our city centre on a sunny Tuesday morning visiting local barbershops, was so much fun! The Barbers here in Tauranga are incredibly varied, each with their own unique style, look and vibe.

The market for mens grooming appears to have boomed and Tauranga is definitely keeping up! 

I couldn't help but notice that it isn't exclusively men sitting in the salon chairs, people from all walks of life are enjoying a good grooming, while chatting to their skilled barber and listening to a quality sound system. I really got the feeling that people are going for the entire experience, not simply for a hair cut. 

Wendy at the Barbershop Co on Devenport Road says "we offer gentlemen's grooming. People are welcomed with a handshake, hot towels - It's a whole experience". 


Faded Barbershop on Cameron Road is an urban street style barbershop. The speakers blast hip hop, there's graffiti on the walls, and the team are incredibly welcoming. 


Bay Barbers are in Picadilly Arcade and this all girls team have done an amazing job creating a stand out space for men's grooming. They were a winner of the Downtown Tauranga Best Place awards....and rightfully so!


You can also head to Carve on 49 Grey Street, Strandz End Barber at 27 The Strand and Tauranga Barber Styles at 124 Devonport Road! 

There are so many gems in our city centre, it's these spaces, places and people who bring warmth, life...and good hair... to Tauranga.