Tasty...healthy treats in the city

8 March 2018

Tasty...healthy treats in the city

Do you find yourself craving something sweet...a 'pick-me-up' at around 3pm? Do you also feel a little guilty when a huge caramel slice gets demolished when that craving hits? Well good news...we know of some treats that are unique, energising, healthy, some are gluten free, some are vegan....and most importantly, delicious.


Grindz Cafe

Chocolate mousse parfait with blue spirulina and coconut chia pudding. Grindz Cafe has an incredible range of vegan options...they continue to be a busy cafe in Downtown Tauranga!


The Nourished Eatery

Blue Beauty and Tumeric healing elixers. These drinks are filled will antioxidants that studies have shown have the ability to help protect the skin against premature ageing...winner! Why not try one with a vegan Easter egg!



Jack & Joice Cafe and No Bull Fuel pop up cafe

These two city centre cafes now offer Real Rad Food slices! The below photos are of a raw banoffee pie - creamy banana and vanilla layer topped with dark chocolate mousse... and a raw peppermint slice. I don't know about you, but my mouth is watering...



Mediterraneo Cafe (The Med) 

Freshen up with one of The Med's sugar free fizzy drinks! Kreol is a prebiotic drink, known for it's ability to encourage a healthy digestive system.

They're all right here in Downtown Tauranga! Head to any one of these cafe's and you're guaranteed a warm welcome, quality food, unique ambiance and a satisfied sweet tooth.