Support local, eat local - SOS Cafe

21 April 2020

Support local, eat local - SOS Cafe


Are you registered on SOS Cafe so the public can support you during and after the lockdown?

There are a number of Downtown Tauranga restaurants and bars already registered with SOS Cafe. The  initiative is set up to encourage the public to buy vouchers to our cafes, bars and restaurants which can be redeemed at a later date, once the lock down is over.  It is a nationwide initiative and already a number of Tauranga hospitality businesses have registered.

Click here to jump onto the website so you can find out more, check out any t's & c's and register if it's right for you.

This looks like a great 'pay it forward' initiative and we wanted to ensure all of our hospitality sector was aware of it. We note they also have a link on the website to 'Shop it Forward' which is specific to the retail sector.