Sumer Contemporary Art's exciting new exhibition

8 March 2019

About Sumer

In late 2018, new and exciting commercial gallery Sumer opened its doors to the public. Nestled in quirky Waihirere Lane, Sumer’s exterior wall is embellished in a striking black and white poutama zig-zag pattern, a wall painting by Dutch artist Jan van der Ploeg.

Sumer seeks to encourage an appreciation of contemporary art whilst also cultivating a strong movement toward quality art collection in the Bay of Plenty. Sumer believes in supporting artistic practices that are unprecedented, stimulating and innovative.

Sumer’s successful premiere exhibition was a thoughtfully curated showcase of recent work by renowned New Zealand artist photographer Fiona Pardington, which granted a warm reception from the public. The gallery’s current show, features works by Gordon Walters – one of New Zealand’s preeminent modernist painters. Also included in the show is the work of New Zealand artist Julian Daspher and of course, the colourful and exuberant works of van der Ploeg.


Coming Up

The upcoming show is an exciting exhibition of elegantly refined works by Elizabeth Thomson from her collection titled ‘Cellular Memory’. The sculptural pieces are composed of visually manipulated botanical and molecular forms, which seek to explore and augment moments of quiet beauty within the natural world.

They will be showing a cluster of her well known moth sculptures titled, ‘Invitation to Openness – Substantive and Transitive States,’ (2014), which have also been exhibited at Tauranga Art Gallery in 2011. The extraordinary moths are cast in bronze and covered in nylon flock, which brings an element of hyperrealism, while the unusual purity of their white colouring seeks to draw that realness away. Thomson’s work has a “too-real-to-be-real” quality, requiring an extraordinary amount of attention to detail and meticulous technique.

The exhibition of Thomson’s works will be on show from the 13th of March.