Stag do done right

16 May 2022

By Alex Slack


On the outset it might not seem like the first location that comes to mind for a stag do but the CBD is a great place to come for a group of guys celebrating handing over their best mate to his wife to be.


Perhaps you’ve had an adrenaline fuelled morning at Waimariona Adventure park, shooting at targets with the Tauranga Archery club or spent a few hours out fishing, but now you’re ready for some dry land and a place to enjoy some drinks in the city and continue the laughs and the obligatory stitching up of the stag.


If you’re coming from out of town then there are plenty of options – budgets of course differ but for a harbour view and central location we’d recommend Wanderlust.  You can hire a private section of the building just for your group meaning you’ve got a place to hang out, a kitchen and dining area all in one place.

Everything in the city is all pretty centrally located as well so you won’t have much walking to do between bars and restaurants.


Enjoy a few sunny afternoon drinks to get things going in the Phoenix. With ocean views and a busy atmosphere their outside seating area is a great place to continue the fun and laughter. Plus they often have great live music!


If you’ve managed to be pre-organised you can head over to the hop house for a pre-booked beer fully customised tasting session before things start to get too hazy to remember. At this point some of you might want to start thinking about soaking up some of that alcohol and for those who like good quality food then pop over the road to the Chook Nook for some delicious fresh Korean chicken.

Now the suns starting to set you should be well fuelled and watered to really get into your stride. Hopefully the stag is dressed in something silly and everyone’s having a great time. Head back down to the Strand and pop into the Cornerstone for a couple of rounds on their Darts Union games – a great way to get some friendly games and competition going.


As the night goes on you can expect to find some live music and a friendly atmosphere at the Crown and Badger who’s punters I’m sure would be delighted to have laugh at the stag where you can sing and dance into the early hours of the morning.

If you are after something a little more ‘adult’ for the stag then the city has one or two options as well.


Once the night has run its course then you are just the shortest of walks back to your accommodation. In the morning when waking with sore heads there are so many great breakfast options available to you. Like Oscar and Otto who do a slow roasted pork belly with bacon, potato cake, hollandaise and egg... it's the best hangover cure.