Soft Paradise / Ka Rongo Te Po, Ka Rongo Te Ao: Works by Fiona Pardington

With a diverse range of subjects, the photographs in this exhibition act as windows into the artist’s deep connection with nature and in particular the elemental forces of land, sea and sky.

It features a selection of works that reference her interest in still-life, a genre in Western painting that depicted collections of arranged objects. Still-life painting became a tool used by artists and their patrons to indicate important relationships from everyday life suggested through symbolic associations. Pardington has used this approach as a way to make her own connections to places, people and ideas.

Through the act of collecting and foraging, Pardington constructs new affiliations to the environment, linking the spiritual and physical worlds through a series of moments captured in time. Like the remnants of history, these images bring together the past, present and future in a hauntingly sublime way. They attempt to make sense of the world, while still remaining fluid and open to interpretation.

November Artist Talk
Hear from Fiona Pardington as she discusses her practice and the work on display at a free floor talk.
WHEN: Saturday 10 November at 10.30am
WHERE: Tauranga Art Gallery


Tauranga Art Gallery


Open daily from 10am to 4:30pm
29th September-2nd December



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