Shapes of Summer Lighting Exhibition

8 November 2022

Shapes of Summer Lighting Exhibition


Summer is Whānau time. Bright, hot days and long, balmy nights. Visitors from out of town, friends from round the corner. Time to create some new memories. Discover the shapes of summer on Tauranga’s waterfront. Shapes, lights, and installations along the Strand Reserve. Free and open every day, lighting up from dusk until late.

Summer has arrived in Tauranga with a curated collection of light sculptures and installations illuminating the Strand and creating a perfect backdrop for a night out, enjoying the Tauranga waterfront and the warmer weather. Award winning light artist Angus Muir has returned to Tauranga, to create Shapes of Summer, a vibrant playground of light, inspired by the colours, shapes and sounds of Tauranga Moana.

A series of installations run the length of the Strand Reserve, from Wharf Street to Dive Crescent, encouraging locals and visitors alike to explore the central city waterfront. This year’s works include Bloom, by Harris Keenan, a larger than life set of neon flowers; Flamboyance, a flock of digital flamingos; and Trilogy, by the South Island Light Orchestra, a towering set of interactive light tubes that respond to touch, creating a unique soundscape for our waterfront.

Shapes of Summer includes several interactive installations, as well as works that include sound and movement. Together, the collection is an instagrammer’s dream, with plenty of opportunities for capturing selfies and family holiday photos.

Shapes of Summer is free and open to everyone, from dusk until late, every night through until the end of January.