Pou Rama - Tauranga Arts Festival

Pou Rama (Light Posts) features a series of free-standing light structures inspired by pou whenua (land symbols of support) and represent creative wairua (inspiration) which is generated from te taiao (the environment). The whakairo designs express cycles of creativity and connections to place.

Each post cycles slowly through a series of colour changes and is accompanied by a music composition. Pahu pakohe (argillite gong) and pahu onewa (basalt gong) provide a shimmering movement, like Tutumaiao (Aurora Australis) and the light dances of HineRuhi and Tane Rore.

Pukaea (long wooden trumpet) and hue puruhau (blown gourd) punctuate, call our attention to the pou (posts) and ground us to the whenua (land) while koauau rakau (wooden flute) and poiawhiowhio (swinging whistling gourd) provide light and move our attention towards the realm of Ranginui (Sky Father).

Supported by Creative New Zealand and Tauranga City Council.


Masonic Park, 69 The Strand, Tauranga


24th October - 3rd November
From 7PM


Free entry

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