Parking in the city

25 July 2017

There is parking available the length of the Tauranga City Centre and throughout the fringe streets. 

It's free to park on the street in the city centre. There's a two-hour time limit and then you need to move your vehicle to a paid parking area. If you’re staying longer it’s best to use the parking buildings or the all-day off-street car parks.

Parking restrictions for on-street parking still apply while the parking is free. P Signs indicate what time-restricted parking applies in the signed area eg: P15 indicates 15 minutes maximum parking allowed.

Always check signage in the area where you are parked so that you are aware of any restrictions that apply. For more details on parking and to see where you can park for free click here

Parking in the city

Opening Hours

Most parks are open 24/7. Please check website for more info