Now more than ever our local businesses need your support

1 May 2021

Now more than ever our local businesses need your support

At the backbone of our community are our business owners – mums and dads, grandparents, sons, daughters, entrepreneurs and risk takers. These amazing people work tirelessly to bring you your favourite products and services every day. Just like you, they have families and whanau to care for, they have staff they want to retain and suppliers to pay. So when you are in need of a product or service, spend what you can with our local businesses because spending locally, saves local businesses. 

Our local business owners have been pushed to the brink during lock down and Level 3. Now in Level 2 they are reopening across our city centre and depend on us, as residents, to support them as much as we can by spending what we can locally.

As residents, many of us shop across this city. We know you have favourite shops, cafes and restaurants in Downtown Tauranga, at The Mount and in Greerton. What we are hoping is that you will make conscious decisions to shop locally as often as you can.  Right here in Downtown Tauranga we have a myriad of passionate business owners needing our support.  They’ve evolved and adapted what they do and how they do it to make sure that when you come into the city centre you are safe and can shop for your favourite items easily.


How many local businesses can you support today, this week, this weekend?

We’re not asking people to spend a lot, we’re just saying spend what you can and when you do, try and spend it with a local business.  These very business owners that have sponsored our local sports clubs, teams, schools and many other good causes over the years now need us to support them so they can stay open, build up a resilient business again, pay their staff and suppliers and in turn spend with other local businesses.

Check out what’s on offer in Downtown Tauranga here and Buy Local. Buy Tauranga.