Meet the rest of the team bringing Christmas joy to the city this year!

17 November 2021

We love this time of the year! We get to work with some amazing people who each year put aside the work that they normally do to help us create something magical in the city centre. They listen to our rambling ideas and napkin sketches, and they help us to bring our ideas to life. They are the true supporters of our city centre – those who work quietly in the background, not seeking acknowledgement or acclaim but who deserve it the most.

So, without further ado, we would like to initially do a shout out to three companies that are helping us put a bit of Christmas spirit into the city centre this year. We hope that because they support us that you in turn will support them, where you can.

Quentin and Jacob from Quality Building Services Tauranga Ltd have, for at least the last five years, worked tirelessly during the very early hours of the mornings to install the Christmas decorations that you see every year around the city centre. Not only do they do the pack in and pack down, but they also take time out of their busy days to keep an eye on things and make sure that anything damaged is quickly fixed. Quentin this year has met with us several times, in his own time, going above and beyond, to help us work out how we could make one of our installations become a reality. We couldn’t do this without you Quentin and greatly value your knowledge, input, and sense of humour!

Richard from Black Chilli is definitely one in a million. His creativity and workmanship on our projects after the many years of working together can still render me speechless. Richard just gets us. Every year we front up with a new fantastical idea and he goes away and works his magic to create exactly what we want. But not only that, he keeps in mind how we are going to transport it to install, how we will store it away when not in use and most of all how he can add those little touches that truly make or installations unique. We can’t wait for you to see what he has created this year as the major installation for Red Square!

Last but certainly not least, Kieran and Caleb from Graceful Lighting Limited. These guys are relatively new to our Christmas team, joining us last year, but they understand the word partnership, working together, and that we need things done at height. Kieran and Caleb are so easy to work with. A site visit with our wish list of ideas and nothing was insurmountable. They helped us find solutions for tricky lighting needs and smiled as we passionately described everything we wanted to do.

As we said at the start, we have some amazing people who help us, who fly below the radar and don’t always get the acknowledgement they deserve. We love working with you guys and can’t wait to share with everyone what we as a team have put together this year!

You will have to come to the city centre to see it all for yourself…