Meet the new owners of Books a Plenty

8 October 2021


I (Millie) met the lovely new owners of Books A Plenty yesterday and am thrilled to introduce you all to Sheree and Scott.

Scott has been working in the city centre for over 5 years at SwipedOn and is familiar with Basestation too, so he is passionate about the city centre and says he is excited to see how much the city centre is growing, and can't wait to see how it looks in 5 years time. 

Sheree is an avid lover of books and says she is thrilled to have to opportunity to continue the legacy of Books A Plenty which has grown a name for itself as one of The Bay's best book stores over the last 21 years.

Keep an eye out on events, readings and school holiday activities at Books a Plenty! And pop in to say hi to Sheree and Scott next time you're in the area... or in need of a great new book.