In the studio with Janet Barratt

21 February 2019

In the studio with Janet Barratt

In the studio with Janet Barratt - 1st Place Winner of the 2019 Trustpower Photographic Competition

What type of camera do you use?
Camera body (CANON EOS 750D) with a multitude of lenses from macro to wide angle to zoom, all Canon.

What/who inspired you to start on your photography journey?
In my early 20’s my soon to be husband, Tom, bought me a small Pentax PC35AF. I still have it but finding someone to develop film these days is tricky!  The camera is about the size of a fat mobile phone. I loved it, took it everywhere and was constantly on the lookout for ‘good things’ to photograph.  This was in the days of having to get it right first time, unlike digital photography!  

When in my late 30’s - early 40’s I went back to college to do an arts degree for fun.  Four of the papers were photography papers. This was the cross over period from film to digital and the time that I got my first digital camera - a Fuji, which was a massive 1mp! I was in heaven as I could now reproduce my own photographs on a home printer.

I put my paintings up for critique on a regular basis, but the Trustpower Photographic Competition is the first time that I have entered a photograph into a competition.

What is your favourite photography subject to capture?
I live by the sea and love photographing birdlife. Some days the birds are happy and serene, and on others they are angry, disappointed and sad. Much like humans! People are harder to photograph as they have their own ideas as to what/when/where/how they should be shot. 

As an artist, do you incorporate photography into other pieces of work?
My last few exhibitions have been subjects that won’t sit still long enough for me to paint them. I take many photographs and find the best to use, sometimes incorporating several photos to paint one picture. The drawing of the image onto canvas is the process I love the best, as with the delete button on a camera, an eraser is invaluable!



What are your Top 10 tips for aspiring photographers?
1. Get out there and take pictures.
2. Take photographs at all times - of everything and anything. 
3. Take hundreds of photographs of the same subject…if you are lucky you may get a good one. 
4. Always ask permission before pressing the shutter.
5. You don’t need a big fancy camera that costs a fortune; the phone in your pocket is great for taking photos…use it.
6. Learn to use your camera’s settings.
7. Be ruthless with editing.  Delete, delete, delete, keep!
8. Keep learning, keep reading and keep taking photographs.
9. Listen to friends and family when they say “That’s a great image” - and have faith in yourself that you can do it.
10. Enter the Trustpower Photographic Competition…it’s scary but the results can be great!

See more of Janet's work at Omokoroa Garage Studio.

Janet's winning image "Trapped" was proudly sponsored by Priority One

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