Health Quarters are growing and evolving!

9 June 2020

Health Quarters are growing and evolving!

Health Quarters is a multidisciplinary health and well-being space located in the heart of Downtown Tauranga. They have a team of health practitioners that help individuals, businesses and organisations to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing, by designing personalised programmes with a holistic approach.

Like many businesses in Downtown Tauranga, Health Quarters have had to evolve their product during and post the Covid-19 lockdown. They saw the crisis as an opportunity to fine tune their products, services and offerings and even feel that they have a stronger proposition now. Since reopening after the nationwide lockdown, they have expanded on their offerings and have now opened a public GP practice.

The team at Health Quarters changed and adapted to the “new normal” and developed a branded Health Quarters app so that people could follow individualised rehab and fitness programmes under lockdown and through to today. They have said they are now open and accommodating to clients who want to come into their premises for a physical workout, or people can mix and match coming to their facility or following programmes from home. They also implemented a Facebook group where daily posts were made about health and wellbeing tips. Local companies could also connect through the Corporate Wellness Program and enjoy products like the Health Quarters recipe book!

In times of uncertainty, Health Quarters have remained focussed on ensuring they are an evolving one stop health shop for people. Our health, wellness and looking after one another remains of the utmost importance and their team of experts are helping to fulfil those needs from their holistic, multidisciplinary approach, continuing to grow their circle and help people locally and online too.