Groundswell 2018



From 27 August to 2 September, Tauranga will come alive with a range of events, showcasing how our people and organisations are leading the way through innovation. Electric bikes, sustainable textiles, robotics, horticulture technology, and how to power an island. Engage with international leaders and experts from TeslaGoogleIBM, ANZAir New Zealand and more. From arts and culture, to science and technology, there’s something for everyone.

Dip your toes in
Just beginning to learn about innovation? These events will help you to gain a greater understanding of the "i" word.

Take a swim
Keen to get more involved in the space? Improve your skills with one of the hands-on experiences.

Deep dive
Are you an experienced innovator? Upskill at one of the industry-specific events




27 August - 2 September 2018


Prices vary

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