Mainstreet Manager Millie Newitt visited Folk recently read on about her experience

Are you a lover of coffee? Great coffee? Folk Brewers comes highly recommended. I can honestly say I’ve never had a coffee experience quite like it…. And I’ve had my fair share over the years.

Folk is located on Durham Street in the Basestation building which, by the way, is another fantastic, modern and funky business in our city centre -  but that’s another conversation entirely.

Hans and the team are passionate and have extensive experience as baristas. “We take coffee seriously.”, Hans said when I first sat down to chat with him. “We’re all about great coffee…. though we do have grillers (not to be confused with toasted sandwiches) on the menu too”. Which look delicious, by the way

So, I decided on the ‘Eves Drop’ - an iced coffee with single origin espresso. While I was sipping and savouring the flavour, I couldn’t help but notice the community vibe in the café; people came and went - students, workers and people using the Basestation co-working space. Everyone exchanged greetings and it felt like people knew each other. I felt welcomed too, like I was a part of the community - I was even introduced to the lead singer of a band that would be playing at Folk in an intimate gig that coming Saturday.

With over 7 coffee origins, 6 different companies represented, and 2 expresso options, plus a team who have a reputation for being incredibly welcoming, friendly and accommodating, I could see why Folk has become a local favourite.

Just to entice you even further, take a look at these two specialty coffees…

Mary-Anne – espresso infused ginger beer with a slice of orange

Folk in Stone – double espresso over dark chocolate macadamia nut, a little bit of pouring cream and roasted chilli

I mentioned that Folk Brewers also host events.... take a look here and keep an eye out for upcoming gigs by following them on Facebook - Folk Brewers


148 Durham Street, Taurangasend an email

Opening Hours

6:30am - 3pm