Exhibition New Perspectives In Downtown Tauranga This June

8 June 2021

New Perspectives is the latest exhibition to be shown in Downtown Tauranga as part of the Activate Vacant Spaces programme. The exhibition encompasses artist John Baxter's new work from 2021 and 2020.

Well known from Yorkshire, England, John is an artist, photographer, poet, songwriter, musician, prop maker, and furniture designer with a Diploma in Creative Industries. 

The context of John's artwork centers around the inter-connectivity of life forces from the cellular to the celestial; in particular the attraction, repulsion, or grouping of objects due to electrical, magnetic, or chemical bonding.

John's current work has been inspired by the silence of introspection of the covid era, followed by the somewhat chaotic emergence back into the public realm - traffic, people, illness, litter, and noise.

The style of work shown in the 'New Perspectives Exhibition' is based on Mixed Media Abstraction but also includes some Manipulated Photography pieces. A symphony of colour, shape, and layering with patterns of finer details.

The exhibition is being shown in the Pop-Up Art Gallery located at 33 Devonport Rd. It is FREE to attend and runs until the end of June.

 John Baxter