The Escape Rooms

8 July 2022

Whether you’re a die-hard escape rooms fan or thinking about trying one out for the first time, Escape Rooms Tauranga is where you need to go…. I have good reasons.

John is the owner, operator, and mastermind behind the quizzical rooms located underground on Elizabeth Street in Downtown Tauranga. When I met John in the lead up to the July 2022 school holidays to promote his business as a must-do in the city for families, he revealed to me that not only has he recently opened two new rooms, but they are also in the process of creating another room which he plans to open in time for Christmas this year. PLUS, they are the largest all escape rooms experience in New Zealand! I would never have guessed this looking at the Escape Rooms Tauranga sign from a street view on Elizabeth. Walking down three flights of stairs that at first seem clinical, then entering the Escape Rooms reception area, you’re transported to an eerie, dimly lit space with doors and corridors that take you to the 10 different themed spaces you can choose to escape from.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking, I’ve done it and don’t need to again, there is more than likely a whole new room ready and waiting for you to unlock!

John recommends “The Knight’s Quest”. It’s an Indiana Jones style adventure and his most “immersive” room. Imagine a cave-like system with corridors giving you the feeling that you’re stuck inside a real tomb. Perhaps not for the claustrophobic, but certainly for the daring! This room is only open in the weekends – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There’s limited availability so if you want to give it a go in the school holidays, book in now…

I personally love the look of “The Diner”, adorned with funky neon lights, 50s style furniture and Burger King paraphernalia.

There are 10 rooms to choose from and different skill levels to suit your group. So, book in for your next family outing, corporate team building event, birthday party, or date night. It’s a truly unique experience and the only Escape Rooms experience in Tauranga!