DOCA has docked on Wharf Street

13 October 2022

DOCA has docked on Wharf Street

It’s nearly been two years since Kim took over the popular Dry Dock Café from her Mum, Sandra on Wharf Street. And after a tough couple of COVID years, it was time for Kim to put her stamp on the well-known coffee hotspot.

Introducing DOCA, which is still home to all the Dry Dock favourites including $5 coffees from 7am and cabinet treats but now also doubles as a pizza bar, serving authentic Italian pizzas alongside their new liquor license till late each night.

So why DOCA? Doca is the word for ‘Dock’ in Portuguese, and as their inspiration comes from European eating & drinking, they’ve picked a Mediterranean word to pay tribute to the original Dry Dock Café and capture the essence of the new. DOCA’s objective: To try and create all the best parts of Europe in one place.

Kim started her career fresh out of school in hospitality, going on to run several of her own businesses in property, IT and HR before coming full circle back to hospitality again. Being half-Polynesian, she describes herself as a feeder which is why this change feels quite natural to her. Kim also spent 15 years living – and eating – in Europe, so she feels well placed to veer DOCA towards a Mediterranean style menu.

The beauty of the hospitality sector in our city centre is the strong relationships the owners and staff make with customers. Little surprise then that all the regulars are keen to know how Sandra is. Well, Kim tells me Sandra is loving semi-retired life, with her new puppy and new Grandson (not sure which is the favourite!), and regularly pops back in for a coffee & scone at DOCA. You might spy her there one day.

Kim’s family, Husband Chas and kids Caleb & Neve each inherited roles at the café by default so it’s very much a locally owned, family business with the support of an amazing team behind her.

So what’s next for DOCA? They are looking forward to bringing you Sunday afternoon acoustic sessions, starting at labour weekend, combined with The Hop House. And top of Kim’s to-do list is partnering with the other Wharf Street bars & eateries to bring back Friday Night Live on Wharf Street again too…...and we can’t wait!

Make sure you call into DOCA soon and savour what’s new.