Discover unique attractions and shopping destinations in Downtown Tauranga

27 September 2019

Among our transforming city centre there are a number of passionate, positive and welcoming people doing business in Downtown Tauranga. Millie visits a few of them while out shopping for a new outfit for Spring! Join her as she talks to KILTIndelible Giftware TaurangaStep Inn Shoes and High St Boutique, stores only found here in Downtown Tauranga. 


"Downtown Tauranga is a vibrant place filled with culture, art, and plenty of things to see and do. It’s one of those places where the more you look, the more you will find." We're visiting some of the fantastic businesses, passionate people, fun attractions, world class exhibitions, boutique shopping and more that our city centre has to offer!

Click the link and watch the video on SunLive the Bay's news first to see CBD attractions come to life and how you can make the most out of your time in Downtown Tauranga.