Deep Under Exhibition

“Karolina is a New Zealand’s artist and student at Toi Ohomai in Tauranga whose work “spoke to me” for its expressive, emotional and unique style. I absolutely adore her 3D foam wall sculptures, there is so much to say in one piece! Feminine, intellectual, strong and incredibly unique. I am loving their earthy look and natural precious metal colouring on them that I can only imagine how fabulous they would look in someone’s modern home or an office. How delightful and so original.”

– Mira Corbova, Curator and Owner of The Art Lounge NZ – Fine Art Gallery, 32 Devonport Rd. Tauranga.

Karolina who is originally from Slovakia, immigrated to New Zealand in 2005 and is now living in Tauranga. She has a Business degree from the Academy of Business, Krupina, Slovakia (2003) and a Certificate in Art and Design from Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (2015).

Karolina is now in the final year of her Bachelor of Creative Industries degree at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology. Over her four years of study in creative industries, Karolina has developed  a broad creative skill-set and expertise inclusive of conventional disciplinary approaches and digital media developments. Karolina is passionate about exploring the potential of the conventional discipline of painting within the new terrain of virtual reality. Karolina believes there is huge potential in the cross-pollination of these two media. Her work recently featured at Toi Ohomai,Windemere in June, 2018 called ‘Sense’ was an exhibition combining conventional art making approaches with stop motion animation and virtual reality technology. Her love of art started form a young age with a passion for painting and sculpturing. She has now chosen to further her love for art and has returned to study at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology.

“Deep under” is a body of works currently shown at this exhibition that investigates artist’s identity as a “True” woman. Luce Irigaray (Belgian-born French feminist, philosopher, linguist, psycholinguist, psychoanalyst and cultural theorist.) has stated she wants woman to discover themselves and not just be equal to a man, be something better. Being equal to a man gives up a woman’s own identity and accepts the masculine world.

Karolina’s three women sculptures are each painted in gold, silver, and bronze with a precious metal look. The postures are carved appearing as they are escaping or rising out of the black, representing the ends and the new beginnings. This also signifies 
a search for one’s self through diverse ways to realize “who I am and what made me to be who I am, along with what and who
encouraged me to be who I am”.

For this exhibition, Karolina has created three new pieces, which are: two horses in metallic colour (gold and silver) that means “rise up and empower” and the golden fish that represents “good luck”.

Karolina is a multi-talented artist whose current exploration in a new territory with VR and its potential to engage her audience in new ways of experiencing art. Integration of VR enablesKarolina to fully immerse the viewer in the experiential – a new world entirely fabricated to reflect Karolina’s experience in the world. One most likely to resonate. She explores purpose and meaning through the personal narrative, reflecting upon and challenging cultural, social and religious constructs concerning meaning. VR may be the perfect medium in which to confront an audience with such questions, as one is truly transported back through stages of time and experience, alternate realities constructed to transition the viewer back through their own personal history. Please follow Karolina on Instagram (karolinagb84) and Facebook (Karolina B art) to discover more about her next explorations with new media call “devour to be consumed” and her other creative projects.


The Art Lounge NZ, 32 Devonport Road, CBD Tauranga





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