Craving a Cheese Scone?

27 February 2023

Craving a Cheese Scone?

Scones. Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good scone?

If you're a savoury fan, then a cheese scone may be your go-to.
Those that prefer a sweet treat may be more inclined to opt for a date scone. Whichever team your on, a scone is always the answer.

Perfectly acceptable breakfast, morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea option. But we're not judging.

Crunchy on the outside, incredibly soft and fluffy on the inside and filled with savoury cheddar cheese, heated and slathered in butter.....yes please!

Below, we track down the best cheese scones in the city centre. From the traditional plain cheese, to flavour twists with herbs and the likes of dill, to bacon, to cream cheese and everything in between, we've found them all right here, for you.

We've even found a couple of gluten free options, and a vegan one too.

So, which one will you be trying first?



Left: Little Long Espresso & Eatery, 43 Spring Street, Tauranga - $6.00 
Right: Alimento Eatery, 74 First Avenue, Tauranga - $6.00