Coming out of Covid-19 stronger than ever

18 June 2020

Coming out of Covid-19 stronger than ever

Flow Pilates is all about the good times, friendships and creating a positive place for people to workout in. They believe that having a great community around you makes fitness more enjoyable and successful. So going into lockdown was a big change. They quickly adjusted and were the first studio in Tauranga to offer mat classes using the online platform Zoom, working out together from the comfort and safety of our living rooms. Clients could keep a sense of routine, and catch up online, bringing our community closer. Jane at Flow Pilates offered a boozy barre class on a Friday night, with sips of bubbles incorporated into the workout! (barre is a form of pilates). 

The studio opened again the first day of level two. A lot of thought went into how to apply restrictions to the studio. Luckily the space is big enough that all equipment could stay and be spaced out to adhere to social distancing needs. Clients have always wiped down their equipment after use - now 70% alcohol wipes were introduced to sanitise hand straps after every single use. They stopped back-to-back classes, and put a 15 minute gap between classes, so clients had the reassurance that the studio was sanitised when they entered, and that they’d only be in with their small group of four. Their online booking system and app means contact tracing is easy if ever needed.

Clients have requested more online workouts, realising how convenient working out at home can be. Especially for people who are still working from home. They have purchased lighting equipment for filming and will be soon offering Flow From Home, pre-recorded workouts that clients can purchase from our website. Jane says they are producing Toning Kits, so clients can purchase good quality affordable items to make these workouts more effective and enjoyable. 

Flow Pilates has come out of Covid stronger, and is nearly back to fully booked again. It was an opportunity to really look at how they were doing things, change, and add more value for their clients. And if they ever did need to go back into lockdown, they are well set up to adapt once again to that change.