Ceramics Gallery and Workshops

20 November 2020

Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 3pm until January 31st



This incredible exhibition showcases our creative ceramic community with featured works by some of our most respected and celebrated artists and emerging potters too. On display works by John Parker, Duncan Shearer, Fiona Tunnicliffe, Diane Parker, Ian Drury, Bev McKenzie, Janet Smith, Cat Thompson, Sophie Evans, Frankie Padellec, Nicola Dench, Jane Clark, Stu Dapples, Penny Henderson and Kuini Clark.​



The workshops are perfect for a beginner, someone returning to clay or people looking for a fun night out with a difference!​

During the 2 hour sessions, you can expect to make something and underglaze it so that the finished item will be colourful. Items are then glaze fired using a clear glaze which highlights the underglaze colours applied. Stonewear clay and food-safe glazes are used so that your item can be used to drink/eat from. Most nights will have a theme but you are not required to make the theme item – creativity is encouraged!​