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CBK | Home of 60 Craft Beers | Smoking Meats and Stonegrill

Kiwis have always been great hosts, and it’s a tradition we at Craft Bar & Kitchen are determined to keep alive. We take our cue from the famous old Kiwi farmhouse roasts, the respectful treatment of perfect cuts picked up from the butcher, and the lavish desserts Nana always turned out for guests.

Times have changed, but our attitude to hospitality is the same as our forebears. We’re a friendly bunch at CBK and we make it our business to ensure every guest feels welcome. Then we feed them excellent freshly-cooked tucker and offer the absolute best in local refreshments. Friendliness is our finest recipe.


​We handpick the best of New Zealand craft beers and offer more than 60 different beers in each venue. Our favourites are Good George, Moa and Stoke beers, but we offer a changing selection which is determinedly Kiwi as. Of course we also offer a solid line of wine, cocktails, spirits and non-alcohol options. If you need some advice on what might go well with your meal, just ask our friendly staff. They specialise in ingenious pairings.


You don’t know what flavour is until you’ve tried a cut of meat which is cold-smoked, then served on a sizzling stonegrill. About 60 percent of our mains are offered on the 400°C volcanic hot stone grill for you to cook to your liking. This is a truly unique way of experiencing the best cuts of meat. Searing your cut locks the nutritional and flavoursome juices, ensuring you get a super tender and sensational tasting meal. The rest of our menu features CBK devotee favourites, such as pork belly dice, juicy burgers and the ice-cream-covered skillet cookie. We always use fresh produce, locally-sourced where possible, and showcase seasonal stars throughout our menu.


We are proud of New Zealand’s heritage and that’s where we looked for inspiration when we developed CBK. We wanted to create a comfortable venue where people felt they could kick their shoes off and fully relax without sacrificing the quality of their meal or the choice available in terms of drinks.

We welcome young families, sports groups, tourists, corporate lunchers… and we have a special place in our hearts for the grandparents who love to bring their grandchildren in and talk about the old bicycle on display and the black and white pictures showing a New Zealand of days gone by.

It’s important to us that our guests feel welcome and comfortable. We hope you’ll remember us as a lively, cozy and unpretentious sanctuary in the city, where the service was brilliant, the food was exceptional and there were dozens of great Kiwi craft beers on offer.

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