Activate Vacant Spaces - BOP Screen Media Production Office

BOP Screen Media Production Office is a collaboration, helping to create more film work within the Bay of Plenty region, bringing together crew and cast with networking events and workshops, producing, and creating.

Their office has an open-door policy where they want people to come in and talk to them about the Film and TV industry in Tauranga, and what they can do to create more growth.

They love ideas, love brainstorming and love helping support the creatives in the Bay of Plenty region.

They will be hosting ‘Hangi Thursdays’ and ‘Bean Bag Fridays’ where you can brin in a bean bag, use their wifi and work in a collective and creative environment – or pre order a hangi and come in for lunch.

They also run community initiatives

  • Tauranga Independent Film
  • BOP Actors Studio


21 Devonport Road, Tauranga


Tuesday - Friday 9am to 2pm



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