Boost your mood, mind, energy and spirit

30 September 2021

With these 7 fun and mindful ideas that also support local! 

Many of us are busy from the moment we wake up to when we find ourselves crawling towards the finish line of the the day after working, picking up the kids, tidying the house, deciding what to cook, cooking, negotiating with the kids to eat at least some of the veges on their plates, juggling the bedtime routine, and so on. Since the pandemic kicked in, for some of us the day has become a bit more tiring, with many working from home and trying to navigate their way through this new way of life. Here are some ways we suggest you can take on the day with more, power, positivity and strength. BOOST your mood, energy and mind! We encourage you to continue supporting local, so that others may get a little more support and encouragement along the way too....

To start
Rather than beginning the day by checking your social media and emails before you've said good morning to your whanau and wiped the sleep from your eyes, try setting some boundaries. If you're working from home, separate your home life from work and log in at a designated time. This may just help you to rejuvenate, enjoy the coffee you've made or ordered from The Dry Dock Cafe, and listen to the birds in the trees, before diving into reaction mode.

Replenish and energise from the get go
Try a healthy juice or smoothie from Pluto.... you can have it delivered if you live locally, or pick up from Devonport Road. 

Celebrate milestones throughout your day
Instead of plowing through your mental list of tasks throughout the day, set little rewards associated with completing them. By giving yourself something to look forward to, you may be more efficient in your work, and prevent mental fatigue. Consider a five-minute walk outside, a yummy lunch to look forward to, or a call to a good friend.... all simple but inspiring milestone celebrations. If you're working in the city centre, we love Falafel Metro for lunch.

Take a walk outside
Stroll along Wharf Street and get inspired by the beautiful artwork at the Art Gallery. Head to the Tauranga Waterfront for a spectacular view of the harbour and take a deep breathe in. Proper deep breathing balances the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your blood, flooding the brain and body with more oxygen. This naturally increases alertness and boosts mood.

Do a workout
The city centre has so many workout options, all within walking distance if you're working in the city. You can try F45 if you want endurance, weights, cardio and a full on sweaty workout. Yoga at Tauranga City Yoga for relaxation, flexibility and strength, or pilates at The Pilates Fix, The Pilates Studio, Momentum, or Flow Pilates for..... well, all of the above! The Gym have fantastic Les Mills classes too and is a great all round option if you want a class setting OR if you want to plug your earphones in and do a workout of your own. 

Reading for wellbeing
Use your hour break to reduce stress. Apparently reading can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress! Books A Plenty have inspired us and recommend these page turners. Check the store out on Grey Street and zone out at lunch time with a good book!

Retail therapy anyone?
Spring is here and we have spied stunning fashion trends in the city centre. If you have time spare during your lunch break, take a stroll and treat yourself to a new dress for Spring! Status Clothing has beautiful options like this dress from their Spring Collection. This may be the ticket to boosting your self confidence and remind you that sunny and hot days in the backyard after work are just around the corner!

What do you do to boost your mood, mind, energy and spirit? Why not stop what you're doing right now and take 10 minutes, or even half an hour, to do just that.... look after yourself! Maybe when you come back you'll be even more focused and motivated to get your work done by the end of the day.