Best Falafel in the City!

19 June 2020

Best Falafel in the City!

Meet one of our brave locals

If you’re taking a walk down Grey Street in Downtown Tauranga, considering your lunch options, you might not think that one of our city’s most popular, utterly delicious lunch spots is tucked down a small alleyway. Falafel Metro is well worth the find, and walking down the alleyway, it’s clear to see many people, whether they’ve left their office for a bite to eat, or travelled long and far for a tasty, filling falafel meal, have also made the discovery.

Mali and Ariel have owned the family business for over 5 years. They originate from Israel and when they first arrived in New Zealand they opened a store in Mount Maunganui called Yoghurt and Co. They sold the business and made the move to Downtown Tauranga to open Falafel Metro, saying they felt Tauranga needed a wholesome, warming, comforting lunch destination. Plus, they wanted to introduce their own culture to our city. It was not long before people started to fall in love with their food and the atmosphere Mali and Ariel have created. They always greet customers with a smile and love getting to know just how you like your falafel to be cooked and served.

Next time you’re Downtown Tauranga, spend what you can and spend it with one of our amazing locals … because spending locally, saves local businesses.  Buy Local. Buy Tauranga.