At the Art Lounge with Mira Corbova

13 March 2019

At the Art Lounge with Mira Corbova

When I visited Mira – gallery director, curator, art dealer and artist in her own right, at the Art Lounge today I was amazed at many things. The first was how spacious, bright and colourful the gallery is now that it has moved to Willow Street, next to High Street Boutique and Subway. The second thing that struck me was Mira’s passion for what she does. She is so dedicated to art, to community and to mentoring emerging New Zealand artists. Mira lives and breathes art, her own works are on display in the gallery and she says that though she’s been offered to work overseas as an art dealer, she remains loyal to Tauranga and the artists she supports.

Mira has a mantra “connect people through art” and she is doing just that, by displaying various handpicked artists in the gallery, by hosting exhibition openings and events, workshops, tutorials, helping artists to market themselves, and thinking outside the square in terms of what she can do to continue connecting and helping people to realise the immense value and importance of art.

If you’re a lover of art, or perhaps you’re intrigued and want to discover something new to hang on your wall, visit the Art Lounge on Willow Street to see the collection. It is beautiful. There aren’t too many galleries that will allow you to pay off the artwork over 9 months interest free too!


Current exhibition "Her Colours" by Bay of Plenty artist Tamzin Blair
8 March - 4 April, 2019