Italian Film Festival

The second edition of the Cinema Italiano Festival, organised by Renee Mark and Paolo Rotondo, is coming to the Rialto Theatre in Downtown Tauranga. 

The programme, that combines the best in contemporary Italian cinema with masterpieces from our country’s rich cinematic tradition, provides meaningful insights into our society. At the same time it acknowledges the strong cultural relationship between Italy and New Zealand.

This year’s selection of films reflects just how profoundly Italy lives with the past in the ‘now’. It is not just in the dusty history books or in the crumbling architecture, but it is a quotidian expression of ancientness reflected in the cuisine, the fashion, the music, the attitudes, the behaviours and very much in the cinema of contemporary Italy.

Get your tickets today and enjoy this fantastic cinematic experience. Tickets include complimentary drinks by Peroni, Carpineto & San Pellegrino and cichetti.


Rialto Cinemas - Goddards Centre
Level: 1
21 Devonport Rd, Tauranga

Italian Film Festival

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