A Tapas Trail of Delights

30 August 2018

A Tapas Trail of Delights

The Taste Tauranga Tapas Trail was unlike any other dining experience I’ve had in Tauranga. Not only did I have a fantastic night out with friends, I met new people, tasted new and exciting flavours, was wowed by the presentation of food and cocktails and enjoyed the ambiance of each restaurant.

There were so many highlights…. Meeting the people in my group of 12 at Brooklyn, sitting around the table with an apple and cinnamon whisky cocktail and being greeted by Rohan, the owner of Brooklyn Patio and Bar. Lining up along the bar at a humming Macau, laughing with joy as we all took shots of fruity saki and enjoying a bao bun. Marvelling at the whisky sour cocktail as it was made in front of us at The Nomad, and swooning over the best cheesecake I’ve personally ever tasted.

Passing the group of 12 trailing behind us as they arrived at The Nomad, we commented to each other how incredible the food had been, how much fun we’re having and how “you’re really going to love the next stop”. 

We ended the trail at The Barrel Room with a presentation on port and how to pair this Porto delicacy with the selection of aged cheese laid out in front of us on the long wooden table.As the last stop there was no rush for us to move on and so we were able to stay on and enjoy the rest of the night out.

Each establishment stood out in thir own individuality, showcasing their ‘vibe’ and flavours beautifully. The Tapas Trail provided a new, exciting and delicious dining experience, one which I look forward to getting to experience again in Downtown Tauranga.