A City Centre First - Screen Media Production Office Opens

2 June 2021

Global creative management company, TMH Management, and Film Creative Jannine Spiers have joined the ranks of activations utilising vacant spaces in the city centre, under the Activate Vacant Spaces programme, providing the city centre’s first collaborative open space film production office.

Located in the former Moochi store vacant space on Devonport Road, the BOP Screen Media Production Office is set to create more film work in the Bay of Plenty region by bringing together crew and cast with networking events and workshops and focusing on producing and creating.

The dreamchild of TMH Director Tanya Horo the collaborative space has an open-door policy.  “I’ve been wanting to set up a city centre production office for a long time.  The opportunity to do so under the Activate Vacant Spaces programme is immense.  It feels good to be supporting the growth of our film industry in the region, inspiring our creative sector and contributing to revitalising the city centre.  It’s a win, win!”

“We want people to come in and talk to us about the Film and TV industry in Tauranga, what we can do to create more growth.  We love brainstorming and supporting our creatives in the Bay of Plenty and having such a central location makes this more accessible.” Says Tanya. 

Since opening, they’ve already signed up 5 young kids into their acting school and Tanya says they have a programme of workshops and events for the public to participate in. “We are hosting Hangi Thursdays and Bean Bag Fridays where people can bring in a bean bag, use our wifi and work in a collective and creative environment, or they can pre-order a hangi and come in for lunch.  It’s all about open collaboration and creating a space that nurtures our creative sector and our film and TV industry.”

Tanya Horo is well tasked to deliver the initiative.  TMH Management represent some of the best in the industry worldwide with partners in New Zealand, Australia, China and America and a portfolio of emerging and well-known established actors including Semu Filipo, starring in Takia Waititi’s new film, Next Goal Wins, BOP local Poroaki Merritt-McDonald who stars as lead in SAVAGE as well as other shows yet to be released, and international star Isabella Wei currently in Germany working on the Netflix series, ‘1899.’

A celebrated artist and actor, Tanya takes a whānau approach with the agency. “We believe in building self-belief and empowerment in the actors on our books.  We run BOP Actors Studio and work with community initiatives such as Tauranga Independent Films to really showcase what we are capable of here in the BOP.  We encourage aspiring actors and parents or care givers with young children keen to explore a career in acting to come in and talk with us in our city centre production office.  That’s what we are here for.”

Jannine Spiers runs The Tauranga Independent Film Nights, and International Youth Silent Film Festival as well as works closely with other local Arts initiatives and is at the forefront of networking with our creatives in the BOP, Jannine is a powerhouse with creating events, screenings and an art department Queen!

The BOP Screen Media Production Office is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 9am to 2pm on Devonport Road.

The Activate Vacant Spaces programme is delivered by Mainstreet Tauranga and matches vacant spaces in the Tauranga city centre with creative, cultural and start-up ventures. Spokesperson Sally Cooke says they’re delighted to have this latest addition to the programme of offerings. “We need more creative expression in our city centre, we have vacant spaces and we need to support the existing businesses in the CBD by increasing the offerings and encouraging more of the public to come in.  This programme allows us to do all of those things and get some great outcomes for all.”